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Weird animal #2 – the pink fairy armadillo

Time for a second instalment of my ‘weird animal’ series! This time, something a little more cuddly: the pink fairy armadillo.

The Pink Fairy Armadillo

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Weird animal #1 – the giant isopod

This is the first in a series of articles about the weird and wonderful of the animal kingdom. You may or may not know about the animals; some will be common, other rare, but all with be noteworthy for possessing an unusual trait or two. The first is about a deep-sea beastie, one that is familiar is shape but not at all in size: the giant isopod.

The giant isopod is a close relative of the common household woodlouse, only massive: the biggest yet found weighed 17 kg and was 76 cm long. They live a solitary life deep at the bottom of the sea, where they scavenge for dead fish and whales in the muddy gloom.

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